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On your wedding day we don't have time limits (Full Day Collection)....starting with each of you getting ready and saying goodbye at your night session after the reception formalities are done.


If we shoot a wedding and hand over only a usb of images…the images could become unappreciated on hard drives. We believe they deserve to be appreciated every day (which also makes it a better investment). The best way for our work to be appreciated is in a beautiful album - we have many different options so you find the right one for you…after all we shoot weddings in a way that is best told in stories throughout your album. We live in such a digital world where ‘images on usb’ is such a common ‘want’…but just like reading a book to a child is far better than scrolling on an iPad - your wedding album will become a treasured heirloom for your children. 

Here are 2 examples of our wedding album designs:

Before you jump to the pricing we would love you to understand what we are all about…so you know if we are the right team to secure your memories for you.

Hopefully by now you understand that we are a dedicated wedding team - every week we push ourselves to do better and better. Even after 500 weddings we try to do new things at every single one...making images/videos unique for our clients - even the signature shots we are well known for...


But we've realised to push ourselves our creative extremes even more...we have to start doing less. So we have started to limit the amount of weddings we will photograph each year from 2022 onward - this will allow us to put more energy into each wedding - with only one each week, dedicating the whole shooting team to you. 

Bride2Be Photography formed in 2008 with 2 main beliefs - To get to know our clients, and to tell the complete story of their wedding day. The best way to get to know our clients is during an engagement session. Here are some sample images from a few different engagement sessions:



To see more of our client wedding albums go to our PORTFOLIO page



To give a complete story telling experience we also include video in every collection. There are 2 parts of the wedding day where photos just can't beat video - your vows, and your speeches. No matter how many photos we take during your vows or speeches we simply cannot convey what was said - sure we can tell the story of emotions and give an overall feel of what it was like…but not the actual words….words that you have taken the time to write to the most cherished person in your life. Not only do you get your vows and speeches to look back on but you get a beautiful story highlight videos just like this:

Sean & Brooke-Lee Highlights
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An example of Vows: